1.Intro - 2.New Moon On Monday - 3.The Reflex - 4.I Take The Dice - 5.Seven And The Ragged Tiger - 6.Tiger Tiger - 7.Of Crime And Passion - 8.Union Of The Snake - 9.New Moon On Monday - 10.Tiger Tiger

Notes: This cd was released as an extra to "Night Versions Companion"; the audio quality is very good, but the vocals are confuse, and it's still not clear who sings - maybe it's Andy, maybe it's John, it's NOT Simon, of course -. Maybe, this is a fake cd... Here is a transcript of the original cd inlay notes:

Summertime in England can be pleasant. Unless, of course, you are Duran Duran and EMI is expecting you to produce an album in time for the Christmas season. Another problem - The band were leaving the country to record songs on their new album, prompting speculation that they would become tax exiles. It was no secret that all five members were loathe to give over 40% of their hard earned cash to the British Government, especially as theyall were aware of the fickleness of pop culture. But the media circus loved it, and printed fact and fiction about in huge quantities.
At the beginning of recording, the band found themselves at a private chateau in the South of France. They remixed some old songs for a live video, wrote new songs for the next album, visited the Cannes Film Festival and also played host to Jools Holland from The Tube. But Duran Duran became bored, feeling isolated and far from civilization or nightlife. So the band flew on to Montserrat to continue recording songs. Air Studios on that island was to become their home, with Alex Sadkin as producer. It was supposed to keep them away from the outside pressures of the media and fans. Again, it truly did not suit the band's style and after 5 weeks there, they hated it.
The majority of the album was recorded in Montserrat, waiting only for the final mix-downs before completion. Regardless, the band was not completely happy with the results. But things had to wait, as the Royal family was calling. Simon, Nick, Andy; Roger and John returned to London to play two well publicized outdoor festivals; the first at London's Dominion Theatre on July 20th and the second at the Aston Villa Park in Birmingham three days later. It was during this period that the band (in one form or another) sneaked into a demo studio in London to continue working on tracks for the new album.
The songs colected here (most completely unfinished) are certainly rough works of art that were never meant to be seen (or heard) outside of the studio. Initial song ideas that were formed in France and in Montserrat are played about with many different sounds morphed into new ones. At the time, Simon had a cold, which prevented him from singing on all the tracks. Perhaps we shall let you guess who the singer is ? The tape these tracks were taken from was really only meant to be used as a one time reference medium to be recorded over the next day, or just simply erased. However, this one wasn't.
Alex Sadkin and Ian Little worked fevershly with the band at 301 Studios in downtown Sydney to transform and rework these rough tracks into the final masterpieces, Seven And The Ragged Tiger, which was to be the band's most pivotal album".

According to "The Rare CD Guide Site" (, on March 12, 1999, John Taylor himself claimed that the demo's are fake!!
Here's the message that he sent out:

"Very Interesting! Someone has gone to a lot of trouble to make this sound like it's Duran Duran in the studio, work in progress. Not so. Bogus is the word that comes to mind. We were not using drum machines and sequencers at the time except on "Tiger Tiger", which came at the end of the sessions. "Seven And The Ragged Tiger" (the song) is especially interesting as someone has gone to the trouble of replicating the demo's using drum machines. If you really want this song, you will have to look harder for the original!".

Actually, the original "Seven And The Ragged Tiger" demo is available on the "Perfect Days Now And Then" cd bootleg (go to the "Early Shows" page of the Live session of this site for the complete review).


1.Notorious - 2.Berlin (previously unreleased) - 3.Skin Trade (live demo) - 4.A Matter Of Feeling - 5.Take It To Me (previously unreleased) - 6.Vertigo - 7.Anything For You (previously unreleased) - 8.One Of The Faithful - 9.Winter Marches on
BONUS TRACKS: 10.Skin Trade (SOS dub) - 11.The Wild Boys (live from the Strange Behaviour Tour)

Audio Quality:
Notes: A good collection of Notorious era demos and unreleased tracks.
Notorious is an early version, very similar to the album one. The lyrics are mostly different, incomplete, and the famous chorus "No-no-notorious" isn't here! What a strange behaviour!
Berlin is an unreleased instrumental track that you can't find elsewhere but just in this cd; if you pay attention, you can notice that this is an very-early version of the Daniel Abraham remix of "Drug"!
The demo version of A Matter Of Feeling is very different from the album version: it's a rock song, and it's sung by Andy Taylor. The lyrics are incomplete.
Take It To Me is a ballad with a long instrumental intro; it's the same version featured in the "Here Today Gone Tomorrow" cd... I really like this song!
Vertigo has completely different lyrics, but the melody line is the one that we know. A really interesting version, believe me, and one of my favourite demos of all the times!
Anything For You is a great ballad in Bowie style; I wonder why this song is not on the official Notorious album...
One Of The Faithful is the early version of "Meet el Presidente", but the lyrics and the vocal melody are totally different from the album song.
Last, Winter Marches On is very sweet, no bass or guitar are here, just Simon's voice and Nick's keyboards.
As bonus tracks, you will find here a remixed version of "Skin Trade" (the SOS Dub, from the "Mastermixes") and the "Dance Into The Fire" bootleg version of "The Wild Boys".


1.A View To A Kill (Take 1) - 2.A View To A Kill (Take 2) - 3. A View To A Kill (Take 3) - 4.Take It To Me - 5.Winter Marches On - 6.A Matter Of Feeling - 7.Anything For You - 8.American Science - 9.Vertigo - 10.One Of The Faithful - 11. Big Thing (Acappella) - 12.All She Wants Is - 13.CAPITOL CHILL

Notes: This is a strange cd, because is named "Notorious Demos" but actually it contains demos from 1985 to 1988. Some of the songs here presented are also available on "Out Of Notorious", some others are exclusive on this cd.
The cd starts with three different demos of A View To A Kill : the first one is the oldest, and the majority of the lyrics are different from the released version; the chorus is "JUMP OUT OF THE FIRE" (instead of "Dance Into the Fire"). The music is very simple, no effects are here; the second demo is the newest, and it's very similar to the relased song; the third demo is on the middle, many effects are already added, and the lyrics are "working in progress".
Then, you will on this cd lots of demos from the "Notorious" album; the majority is also available on "Out Of Notorious" (read above), but here you have a great demo of American Science.
The last three songs on this cd are from the Maison rouge session days, whan the guys where working on the Big Thing album. Big Thing (acappella) is the same version than the one included on "The Maison rouge Sessions" cd; All She wants Is is a different demo than the one featured on "The Medicine" and "Maison Rouge sessions"; and, last but not least, here you will find the very early demo of "Bomb": it's a completely new version called Capitol Chill. Unfortunately, the audio quality of this song it's not so good than the rest of the bootleg.


1.Big Thing - 2.Capitol Chill - 3.Sex - 4.Too Late Marlene - 5.Take Me - 6.Do You Believe In Shame? - 7.Palomino - 8.I Believe/All I Need To Know (extended version) - 9.The Edge Of America/Lake Shore Driving

BONUS TRACKS: 10.I Don't Want Your Love (Dub Mix) - 11.I Don't Want Your Love (Power Rhythm Mix)
Notes: Recorded from an old tape, this cd has a little background noise; but the sound is still good, and the cd is very interesting.
Big Thing is not a real demo, I think; it's an acappella version, and all the lyrics and the backing vocals are the same as the album version. Maybe, this is the final version without music.
Capitol Chill is actually the unreleased track of the Big Thing days: "Bomb" (with vocals). It's the same version featured on "The Medicine" cd, but with less audio quality.
Sex is the early demo of "All She Wants Is"; the lyrics are different and incomplete, and the music is more simple that the final version; here you can hear clearly the bass line and the drums. This is the same version featured on "The Medicine" boot, and different from the one included on the "Notorious Demos" cd.
Too Late Marlene, Do You Believe In Shame and Palomino are also included in "The Medicine"; the lyrics of these demos are different from the ones of the album songs.
Take Me is great; it's the early demo for "Drug", and the lyrics and the music are very different; a funny demo that you can find just here (not on "The Medicine").
I Believe/All I Need To Know is an extended version of the "All She Wants Is" b-side; the sax solo is longer that the released version; this demo is different from the instrumental one featured on "The Medicine".
The Edge Of America and Lake Shore Driving are also different from the "Medicine" versions; an alternative demo version of "Lake Shore Driving" is available on the "Here Today Gone Tomorrow" cd.
Two remixes of the missing Big Thing song, "I Don't Want Your Love" (taken off vinyl sources) are here to complete the tracklist.


1.I Am The Medicine (vocal) - 2.I Am The Medicine (2nd verse insert) - 3.I Am the Medicine (w/alt. chorus) - 4.I Believe (instrumental) - 5.Nick/Simon (instrumental) - 6.Bomb (instrumental) - 7.Bomb (w/vocals) - 8.Do You Believe In Faith (alternate/different lyrics) - 9.Too Late For Marlene (alternate one/different lyrics) - 10.Too Late For Marlene (alternate two/different lyrics) - 11.All She Wants Is (alternate/different lyrics) - 12.Welcome To The Edge (acoustic rehearsal) - 13.Welcome To The Edge (electric rehearsal/different lyrics) - 14.Pressure (piano chorus) - 15.A View to A Kill (duranies studying) - 16.A View To A Kill (rough take)

Notes: A must-to.own bootleg, including excellent quality studio demos of the Big thing days, and other rare music. Some of the demos here presented are also included (in less audio quality) on the "Maison Rouge Sessions" cd.
The cd starts with three demo version of I Am The Medicine (actually, it's "Follow In My Footsteps"); i really like the first version (the full demo with alternative vocals); if you like "Follow In My Footsteps", I'm sure that you'll enjoy this cd.
Then, you will find here three instrumental versions: I Believe is very similar to the one released as the "All She Wants Is" b-side, but this is NOT the medley with "All I Need To Know", so you will find something different at the end of the song. A little interlude ("Nick/Simon"), then an instrumental version of "Bomb".
The vocal version of Bomb is the same featured on the "Maison Rouge" bootleg, but here you have a better audio quality.
Then, four alternate versions of Big Thing album's songs: the lyrics are different from the album versions, and the music are "work in progress"! There are Do You Believe In Shame?, All She Wants Is and two different versions of Too Late Marlene.
The acoustic rehearsal of Welcome To The Edge is actually an early demo, with different lyrics, of "Palomino"; the audio quality is not so good as the rest of this bootleg, but it stills nice!
The electric rehearsal is an interlude with Simon singing the words "welcome to the edge"... I think they were writing "The Edge Of America".
Pressure is a piano solo - Nick working in progress!!
At the end of the cd, you will find two very very long songs named A View To A Kill; actually, these are not demos of the James Bond song, but the guys playing and singing a "jam session"; Simon sings using the words of "A View To A Kill", this is the reason why the bootlegger named so the two tracks.


CD1: 1.HOTHEAD (studio demo/version 1/alternate vocals) - 2.SERIOUS (instrumental demo outtake) - 3.BOTTLENECK (studio demo/unreleased) - 4.MONEY ON YOUR SIDE (studio demo/unreleased) - 5.SECOND ALIBI (studio demo/unreleased) - 6.MY ANTARCTICA (studio demo/alternate lyrics) - 7.DREAMNATION (studio demo/version 1) - 8.IN BEETWEEN WOMEN (studio demo/version 1) - 9.WORTH WAITING FOR (studio demo/version 1) - 10.MY FAMILY (studio demo/version 1) - 11. I WON'T TURN MY BACK ON YOU (studio demo/ early version of "First Impression") - 12.VENICE DROWNING (studio demo/alternate lyrics) - 13.CAN YOU DEAL WITH IT (studio demo/John Taylor lead vocal) - 14.SECOND ALIBI (studio demo outtake) - 15.SERIOUS (live studio session/alternate lyrics) - 16.UNTITLED INSTRUMENTAL DEMO (studio demo) - 17.ORDINARY WORLD (live 1991/audience recording)
CD2: 1.VIOLENCE OF SUMMER (early 12" mix/unreleased remix demo) - 2.MY ANTARCTICA (studio demo/Simon working out lyrics and melody) - 3.FIRST IMPRESSION (instrumental/studio demo) - 4.LIBERTY (live rehearsal) - 5.NUCLEAR WAR (studio demo/final version released as "Yo Bad Azizi") - 6.VIOLENCE OF SUMMER (instrumental/studio demo) - 7.DOWNTOWN (studio demo) - 8.CAN YOU DEAL WITH IT (studio demo/alternate lyrics) - 9.MY FAMILY (instrumental7studio demo/unreleased) - 10. LIBERTY (studio demo/alternate lyrics) - 11.LIVE IN LOVER (early demo version of "Violence Of Summer"/alternate lyrics) - 12.HOTHEAD (studio demo/version 2/alternate lyrics) - 13.WATER BABIES (early demo version of "All Along The Water"/alternate lyrics) - 14.VENICE DROWNING (instrumental/sudio demo) - 15.GIMME SOME TRUTH (live 1991/audience recording)

Notes: I have something to add to the original notes:
Track 3, Bottleneck, is a very early demo version of a Wedding Album song, SIN OF THE CITY!!!
"Second Alibi" is not an unreleased track: it's READ MY LIPS with alternate lyrics (and with the same music!).
The two live songs, ORDINARY WORLD and GIMME SOME TRUTH, are recorded in 1991 at the Royal Albert Hall during a charity concert; the guys did also played "Do You Believe In Shame?", that night. This is the FIRST EVER performance of ORDINARY WORLD, more than one year before the song was released! A really interesting bonus, even if the two songs aren't from the Liberty days.

Wedding Album's early demos

1.Do You Wanna Turn Me On? - 2.Stop Dead - 3.Do You Wanna Turn Me On? (take 2) - 4.Sin Of The City - 5.UMF - 6.Love Voodoo - 7.Time For Temptation - 8.Shot Gun - 9.Stop Dead - 10.Ordinary World - 11.Shelta - 12.Too Much Information - 13.Too Much Information (different lyrics)

Notes: This is a collection of Wedding Album demos; the quality it's not so good, because the music is recorded out of Warren and Nick's house, when they were listening to their new demos or when they where recording some new sound. The first part of the cd contains exclusives track, such as the two versions of Do You Wanna Turn Me On? and the different versions of Sin Of The City and Stop Dead.
The second part of the cd has a slightly better audio quality, and contains some demos that are also included (in much better audio quality) on the "Four On The Floor" bootleg. The last two songs are exclusive versions of Too Much Information. Of course, if you are a completist, this is a very important cd for your collection, but if you are just looking for some "good quality" Wedding Album demos, then "Obsession And Corruption" or "Four On The Floor" are your right choice!


CD1 (THE ALBUM): 1.UMF (Carmen's original vers.) - 2.UMF (Carmen's remix) - 3."lawyers can be a real nightmare..." - 4.Mr. Jones - 5.Falling Angel - 6.Time For Temptation - 7.Drowning Man - 8.None Of The Above - 9."well we wrote the music..." - 10.Sin Of The City - 11."well really the music..." - 12.Ordinary World (short remix) - 13.UMF (T9 ending piece) - 14.Breath After Breath (T8/T9 edited) - 15."we recorded the last album..." - 16.Falling Angel (T1) - 17.Mr. Jones - 18.None Of The Above (Howard Gray album version)
CD2 (THE REMIXES): LOVE VOODOO: 1.definition of sound 12" mix - 2.definition of sound 12" mix instrumental - 3.definition of sound mix - 4.definition of sound sydney st. mix - 5.definition of sound sydney st. instrumental - 6.definition of sound sydney st. 2 - 7.NONE OF THE ABOVE(howard gray edited 7" master) - 8.TOO MUCH INFORMATION (jellybean remix) - DROWNING MAN: 9.d:ream instrumental - 10.d:ream dub - 11.d:ream ambient dub - COME UNDONE: 12.t.v. synth strings alt. - 13.come undub - 14.fgi bonus beats

Notes: The ALBUM cd was a Christmas present that the guys made for their friends, to show them what they were doing at the moment; so, this is a first version of the Wedding Album, in excellent audio quality; the second cd features many Wedding Album remixes; no one of them was released as an official remix.
I think that you will find every info that you need in the transcript of the original cd inlay:

Every so often, Duran Duran tapes turn up that either been forgotten or had been misplaced, and that is exactly what this CD set is. Largely composed on headphoens in Warren's living room, these songs would finally make their appearance on their 1993 self titled album. However, what you will find here are rough mixes of those final album verisons, many in alternate form. After the commercially disappointing succes of the 1990's Liberty album, the band retreated to Warren's house in South London to experiment and leisurely make music for themselves. Over the next eighteen months, songs were constructed, torn down, mixed, remixed, had their lyrics changed, and everything else that high-priced studio time would not have afforded. "We could examine every detail of the lyrics because we had the luxury of time. We weren't spending $ 2,000 a day on a studio, where you're always under pressure" - Nick Rhodes. Producer/Engineer John Jones, who had worked with the band on the Liberty album and several other projects, was brought in to help record and produce the band's work. With the recording and mixing of the album coming to an end sometime around the close of 1991, a rough mix of the album was compiled to send to the band's family and friends. Many of those tracks appear on this CD along with many that were subsequentially remixed by Dave Richards, Carmen, Dee Long, Tony Taverner, and Howard Gray. A few notes about the material : Disc One of the set contains final rough mixes of the tracks appearing on The Wedding Album.
U.M.F. (Carmen's Original Version): It's not certain wich take of the Ultimate Mind Fuck was mixed for this version, although it is quite apparent that it is an entirely different recording than was used in the final album mix.
U.M.F. (Carmen's Remix): A radically different mix of the track.
"Lawyers can be a real nightmare": Warren and Nick being interviewed about 'To Whom it may concern' on WPLJ in New York City on June 1, 1993.
Mr Jones: In response to the manipulation the band encountered from one of their attorneys, this song was recorded, mixed and fully mastered for inclusion on the album. However, once learning of the tracks, the lawyer in question legally forced the band to discard the song. With a little creative mixing and overdubbing, this track became 'To Whom It May Concern' on the final album. Mixed by John Jones and Duran Duran, 'Mr Jones' is presented here for the first time with all the original lyrics.
Falling Angel: Included on the original album track listing, this version of Falling Angel was mixed by Duran Duran and John Jones in late 1991.
Time For Temptation: Also included on the original album line-up, 'Time For Temptation' was eventually shelved for later use as a b-side. Mixed by Duran Duran and John Jones, this mix has alternate loops and effects to those of the final version.
Drowning Man: An early finished mix that incorporates many effects and samples that were not included on the final album mix, but were later to appear in the D:ream remixes. The British rap style that Simon was looking for is quite apparent on this mix.
None Of The Above: An early 'finished' mix completed by Duran Duran and John Jones with alternate lyrics to those found on the album.
"Well we wrote the music...": Warren and Nick discussing the origin of 'Sin Of The City' on New York City's WPLJ.
Sin Of The City: This is another early 'finished' mix with an alternate spooky sounding intro that was mixed by Duran Duran and John Jones.
"Well really the music...": Simon and Nick being interviewed on WDRE in New York City on January 6, 1993 during the first promotional junket for The Wedding Album.
Ordinary World (Short Mix): An alternate 7" mix that incorporates the final album and acoustic mix of the track. Mixed by Dave Richards.
U.M.F. (T9 ending piece): This is an alternate rough ending of U.M.F. that was mixed by Dave Richards.
Breath after Breath (T8/T9 edited): This is the complete Dave Richards mix of Breath After Breath that made it onto the album. The album mix, however, was edited down to 4'58, making this the only place to find the 'complete' mix of the track. The group recorded 'Breath after Breath' with Brazilian pop star Milton Nascimento making this the first official duet for the band.
"We recorded the last album...": Simon recounting the origins of the privacy studio name on Z100 in New York City on january 7, 1993.
Falling Angel (T1): Originally meant for inclusion on the album, Falling angel was eventually chosen as a b-side. This initial mix of the song by Dave Richards is a stripped down version without overdubs and effects that made thir way into the final mix.
Mr Jones (Instrumental): An instrumenatl version of the alternate finished completely by Dave Richards. In this mix the channels are reversed, and the backing vocal track is left in place.
None Of The Above: Chosen as a possible single from the album, this track was remixed by Howard Gray, who gave it a decidedly raw sound. This 'album mix' incorporates a completely different bass line and rhythm track and adds alternate lyrics in the chorus.

Disc Two of this set contains multiple commissioned, but unused remixes.
The "Love Voodoo" tracks were completed specifically for release, although no single was to materialize. In fact, when a mix of "Love Voodoo" appeared on the 'Perfect Day' single, it was an entirely different mix than what are found here. "None of The Above" which only made it to the promotional stage in the United States, was remixed by Howard Gray, the 7" edit being included here. Processed to give a 'grungy' feel, the mix of "None Of The Above" is completely different than the Drizabone mix appearing on the Japanese release of the single. "Too Much Information" was handed to John 'Jellybean' Benitez, the near-legendary ex-New York club DJ-turned producer and record company mogul to give the track a great club feel. Instead of releasing this mix, EMI chose to give it to the S.I.N. record pool of New York City in an attempt to garner some underground club response. The Jellybean mix appears here on CD for the very first time. Released as a single exclusively in the United States,"Drowning Man" was remixed by the UK recording artist and DJ D:ream. The three mixes contained in the set appear on CD for the first time. When it was time to remix "Come Undone", approximately twenty different mixes were commissioned, most going unused. The three unreleased mixes of 'Come Undone' found on the CD proved to be the most adaptable to club play.
Obsession, extreme human behaviour, corruption, dishonesty, and optimistm, are you nervous ?


CD1: 1.U.M.F. (4:14) - 2.Ordinary World (5:31) - 3.Matter Of Fact (4:40) - 4.Love Voodoo (4:25) - 5.Time For Temptation (3:45) - 6.Shelter Of My Heart (5:06) - 7.People (5:12) - 8.Too Much Information (4:59) - 9.Love Voodoo (4:26) - 10.Ordinary World (5:36) - 11.Love Voodoo (4:26) - 12.Time For Temptation (4:04) - 13.Shelter Of My Heart (4:35) - 14.U.M.F. (5:58) - 15.Too Much Information (4:49)
CD2: 1.Ordinary World (5:50) - 2.Stop Dead (4:18) - 3.Too Much Information (4:33) - 4.Love Voodoo (4:28) - 5.Shelter Of My Heart (4:59) - 6.U.M.F. (4:08) - 7.Too Much Information (5:10) - 8.Time For Temptation (3:55) - 9.Ordinary World (5:54)

BONUS TRACKS: 10.Power Station - Communication (studio mix) - 11.John Taylor & Jonathan Elias - I Do What I Do - 12.John Taylor & Jonathan Elias - I Do What I Do (film stereo mix) - 13.John Taylor & Jonathan Elias - Dance for Freedom - 14.John Taylor & Jonathan Elias - Jazz

Notes: From the original cd:
"This is a limited 2-CD set recorded prior to the release of the 1993 self-titled Duran Duran album, known to fans around the world as TheWedding Album. It is 1991 and the band had retreated to Warren's London home andstudio. Liberty did not achieve the success that it should have and theband, having just performed at London's Royal Albert Hall, started recording a batch of new songs including Ordinary World - that appears here in a very early studio recording made just two weeks after the first performance. These TWA demos span the course of a tumultuous year, during which time the band considers breaking up for good, Simon starts a new career venture, John marries, babies are born, marriages crumble and Warren continues to record his own solo material at a furious pace. In many ways Warren was able to keep the band together, offering his home studio to the band, and enduring knocks on his door from neighbors, asking not to have the music turned down, but rather to have a different song played altogether. Rehearsing the same song over and over can get quite taxing on the senses! In these demos, the listener can trace the progression of many tracks over the course of the recording process. Many of these songs are in completed form, and have subsequently been changed quite a bit in the production process and from what can be heard on the final release. The gem of the lot is the finished but completely unreleased track 'Matter of Fact' (Disc 1, track 3). Oddly, between these demo tracks and others that have surfaced [on the Obsession & Corruption release] nowhere to be found are demos of Shotgun, Firefly, Stop Dead, Femme Fatale or Come Undone. The latter two, having been recorded just prior to the final mastering of The Wedding Album would account for no demos being circulated. Taken directly from the studio DAT masters, these tracks are a once in a lifetime chance for fans to hear Duran Duran create one of the most pivotal albums of their illustrious career.
The John Taylor bonus tracks have been remastered from alternate source material and are of much greater sound quality than anything else previously released. They are included in this package for their historical importance. Please buy the original Resume release!
This 2-CD set is strictly limited to 250 copies worldwide".
Disc 1: Tracks 1-7 recorded in May 18, 1991, Privacy - London. Tracks 8-9 recorded in October 14, 1991, Privacy - London. Tracks 10-15 recorded in October 21, 1991, Privacy - London.
Disc 2: Tracks 1-6 recorded in December 19, 1991, Privacy - London. Tracks 7-9 recorded in February 1992, Privacy - London. Track 10 recorded in 1984/85, Power Station - New York. Tracks 11-14 recorded to tape in January 17, 1986, Elias Studios - New York.


1.White Lines (demo vers. 1) - 2.Ball Of Confusion (demo) - 3.Perfect Day (demo) - 4.I Wanna Take You Higher (demo) - 5.White Lines (demo vers. 2) - 6.Thank You (demo) - 7.Crystal Ship (demo) - 8.Success (demo) - 9.911 Is A Joke (demo) - 10.Plastic Girl (remix) - 11.Perfect Day (acoustic demo) - 12. Crystal Ship (acoustic demo) - 13.Watching The Detectives (demo) - 14.White Lines (live) - 15.Plastic Girl - 16.Electric Barbarella (live acoustic edit) - 17.Dreamboy (Simon solo live) - 18.Electric Barbarella (plastic kiss acoustic mix)

Notes: I like the Thank You album, but I prefere the demo versions! Lots of people (and me) think that the album was "overproduced" (maybe the reason is that the band worked at the album more than two years). Listening to this cd, you can hear the "Thak You" songs in its early (and rawer) versions.
The cd contains three verions of White Lines: these are not real demo versions, just live performances; actually, the third version (track #14) is the one they played at the "David Letterman Show" (according to the Duran Rare CD Guide site, the show where they told the band at the last minute they'd have to cut down the song due to time constraints). I do have the video recording of that show, and actually the guys had some problems (if you did seen John at the end of the song, you should know what I'm talking about!)
Ball Of Confusion is the uncensored version, and you can hear the line "Politicians: can you fucking believe them?".
Perfect Day (track #3) is very similar to the album version, but here you can hear the John Taylor backing vocals, that aren't on the released album. The second demo of Perfect Day, and Crystal Ship (both acoustic demos) are from the Simon Mayo Radio show, the same show where the acoustic live version of Ordinary World (the one available on one of the "White Lines" cd singles and on the "Lay Lady Lay" italian cd single) was recorded. The audio quality is not so good.
Thank You demo is not the "Whit Onors" OST version, released as "demo version" on one of the White Lines cd singles; it's actually a new demo, very similar to the album version.
Plastic Girl is not a Thank You demo, but a song performed during the MTV Most Wanted Tv show; the version named "demo" (track #15) is actually the version aired on the broadcast; due to time constraints, the song wasn't aired entirely; someone made a re-edit of the song (to give the impression that it's a whole song): and this is the version that is named here as "remix"; the soung quality is good, but mono.
Dream Boy and Electric Barbarella are not Thank You songs; the first one is a Simon's solo work, and here you will find the acoustic live version he played in Cannes Film Festival (the song was actually on the OST of the "Love Kills" movie); Simon sung and played the guitar!
Electric Barbarella is here in two versions; track#16 is taken off a radio show, where the guys only played the (acoustic) chorus; the version called "plastic kiss acoustic mix" is a not so interesting re-edit of this acoustic short performance. So, apart of the album fillers (Barbarella and Dream Boy), the cd is great! All my favourite versions of the Thank You album songs are here.


1.Undergoing treatment - 2.Medazzaland - 3.Out Of My Mind - 4.Conversation - 5.Big Bang Generation - 6.Untitled - 7.Untitled #2 - 8.P.L.You - 9.Who Do You Think You Are? - 10.So Long Suicide - 11.Sinner Or Saint - 12.Midnight Sun - 13.Be My Icon

Notes: This could be a really interesting cd, where you can hear the band (especially Warren) working on the Medazzaland album; unfortunately, the sound quality is poor, and all the tracks are instrumental, so I have to say that this cd is "only for completists".

Medazzaland, Notorious and other demos...

1.Midnight Sun - 2.Butt Naked (Be My Icon - John on vocals) - 3.Who Do You Think You Are? - 4.So Long Suicide - 5.Medazzaland - 6.Virginia Plain (live in Cardiff 98) - 7.Technical Problems (live Manchester 98) - 8.Warren’s birthday (Cardiff 98) - 9.LSD (edit) - 10.Take It To Me - 11.Anything For You - 12.A Matter Of Feeling - 13.Meet El Presidente - 14.Vertigo - 15.A View To A Kill - 16.Simon reads Skin Trade - 17.Nick reads Winter Marches On - 18.John talks about fan lyrics - 19.Unreleased Instrumental - 20.Syn Subaru Commercial (Miss Pretty Queen) - 21.Pre Show Music

Notes: Tracks #1/5 are Medazzaland demos; all are in excellent audio quality.
Midnight Sun is beautiful, maybe is better than the official version... why the guys don't put this version on the released cd? Who knows...
Butt Naked is an early version of Be My Icon, sung by John before he left the band. The lyrics are completely different from the album version of the song; sincerely, I prefere Be My Icon.
Who Do You Think You Are? is more romantical than the album version, but is very similar. The song starts with Simon singing: what a good surprise ;-)
So Long Suicide and Medazzaland are great; I think that all the Nick's fans should have this Medazzaland version!
The Live Outtakes are from the Greatest and Latest tour; Virginia Plain was the intro for Rio; this is not a DD song, but a cover of the famous Roxy Music's hit; the track #7 contains a funny episode of the second Manchester 98 concert: the guys had some problems at the beginning of Come Undone, so Warren and Simon played Crystal Ship... but... Simon misses the second verse!! Anyway, the problems are solved and they restarted Come Undone (not on this cd).
Tracks #10/15 are all available on the "Notorious Demos" cd (in slightly better quality).
The last track, Pre Show Music (#21) was the opening song for the "Ultra Chrome Latex and Steel" shows, but it's not Duran Duran.

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