1998, June 27th, Althorp House, London, UK

1.Save A Prayer - 2.Hungry Like The Wolf - 3.Come Undone - 4.Electric Barbarella - 5.Ordinary World
BONUS TRACKS: 6.Girls On Film (Tin Tin Out Edit) - 7.The Wild Boys (ASAP & PM Project Remix) - 8.The Reflex (Come As You Are remix) - 9.The Chauffeur (Y2K remix)

Audio Quality: EXCELLENT SOUNBDOARD (sb10)
Notes: First of all, this is not a real "Greatest & Latest" gig. Duran Duran played this mini-performance during the Tribute Concert dedicated to the memory of the Princess of Wales, Lady Diana Spencer. The event was aired on the UK TV, so it is also available on video. Actually, this cd does not contains the full show, missing the last song, "Rio" (that is on my video copy). Instead of "Rio", you will find here some bonus tracks. All of them are new version of famous Duran songs, remixed for the launch and the promotion of the "Greatest" album.
"Girls On Film (Tin Tin Out Edit)" was released as the b-side for the European cd single of "Electric Barbarella". It's an edited radio version of the Tin Tin Out Mix featured on the "Girls On Film '98" cd single.
"The Wild Boys (ASAP & PM Project Remix)" it's a powerful dance version, released in Spain in a very rare promo cd single.
The cd ends with two beautiful remixes done in 98 and never officially released: "The Reflex (Come As You Are remix)" and "The Chauffeur (Y2K remix)". These are not home-made remixes, nor fan-made drag'n'drop versions, but two professional remixes, very well done.

1998, December 07th, National Exhibition Center, Birmingham, UK

1.Planet Earth - 2.Is There Something I Should Know? - 3.A View To A Kill - 4.Anyone Out There - 5.Come Undone - 6.Big Bang Generation - 7.Save A Prayer - 8.Friends Of Mine - 9.Hungry Like The Wolf - 10.Girls On Film - 11.The Reflex - 12.Secret Oktober - 13.Careless Memories - 14.Rio

Audio Quality: GOOD AUDIENCE (au8)
Notes: In December 1998, Duran Duran toured the UK to promote their "Greatest" album. This is the first show of this "Greatest And Latest" tour. They started in front of their hometown crowd, playing their oldest, latest and greatest songs. A very good performance; a lot of hits, and some beautiful old song were in the setlist, that night. Unfortunately, the recording is not complete, but "Anyone Out There" is here. This song is not in the other "Greatest And Latest" show setlists. "Careless Memories" is performed at the end of the show, as an energetic encore.

MANCHESTER 98 first night
1998, December 18th, Manchester Apollo, Manchester, UK

CD1: 1.Planet Earth - 2.Is There Something I Should Know? - 3.A View To A Kill - 4.Come Undone - 5.Careless Memories - 6.Big Bang Generation - 7.Save A Prayer - 8.Friends Of Mine - 9.All She Wants Is - 10.Notorious
CD2: 1.Ordinary World - 2.Out Of My Mind - 3.The Wild Boys - 4.Electric Barbarella - 5.Hungry Like The Wolf - 6.Girls On Film - 7.Secret Oktober - 8.The Reflex - 9.Virginia Plains - 10.Rio

Audio Quality: VERY GOOD AUDIENCE (au9)
Notes: The "Greatest And Latest" UK tour reached ten cities and Manchester is the only one where they played two concerts. This boot is the recording of the first of those two nights at the Manchester Apollo. The tracklist is complete, also including "Is There Something I Should Know?" and the Roxy Music classic "Virginia Plains", which aren't in the most famous of the "Greatest And Latest" bootlegs, "Wembley 98". The audio quality is very good, so this CD is a nice companion to the "Wembley 98" bootleg.

1998, December 21st, Wembley Arena, London, UK

CD1: 1.Planet Earth - 2.A View To A Kill - 3.Come Undone - 4.Careless Memories - 5.Big Bang Generation - 6.Save A Prayer - 7.Friends Of Mine - 8.All She Wants Is - 9.Notorious
CD2: 1.Ordinary World - 2.Out Of My Mind - 3.The Wild Boys - 4.Electric Barbarella - 5.Hungry Like The Wolf - 6.Girls On Film - 7.Secret Oktober - 8.The Reflex - 9.Rio

Audio Quality: EXCELLENT SOUNDBOARD (sb10)
Notes: This is the final show of the "Greatest And Latest", and the best bootleg of that tour. The audio quality is an excellent soundboard, and the tracklist is nearly complete (just "Is there Something I Should Know?" and "Virginia Plains" are missing). The show was aired in a Japanese TV, so the video version is also available. All the greatest hits of their history are here, and the performance is very good. My favourite songs are "Friends Of Mine", "Careless Memories", "Secret Oktober" and "All She Wants Is". Simon sings all the hits with energy and passion. The songs are performed in their original "album" or "single" version and no different arrangements are here, included "Secret Oktober" which is performed in its slow version. "Rio" is not in excellent sounboard, because taken off a different source. Anyway, it's from the same concert, of course. During this song, Simon introduces a special guest: ANDY HAMILTON playing the sax solo! Even if you are not a collector, you should have this cd: this is the definitive Duran Duran "Greatest Hits" in an excellent LIVE version.

1998, December & 1999, January, various places around UK

BBC 1 New Year's Eve: 1.Rio (31/12/98) - 2.Electric Barbarella (01/01/99)
Radio 1 08/11/98: 3.Save A Prayer - 4.Ordinary World
Jack Docherty Show - Channel 5 19/01/99: 5.Girls On Film - 6.Ordinary World - 7.Electric Barbarella
Radio 2 02/11/98: 8.Save A Prayer - 9.Ordinary World
TFI friday - Channel 4 06/11/98: 10.Save A Prayer
National Lottery Show - BBC1 30/01/99: 11.Electric Barbarella
Radio 1 04/11/98: 12.Ordinary World - 13.The Wild Boys (A Capella)
Greatest & Latest shows 98: 14.Anyone Out There? (Live Birmingham N.E.C. 08/12/98) - 15.Virginia Plain (Live Manchester Apollo 18/12/98)

Audio Quality: EXCELLENT SOUNDBOARD (sb10) except tracks 14/15 VERY GOOD AUDIENCE (au9)
Notes: This cd is a compilation of live performances that the guys played on TV or on radio to promote their Greatest album; the CD starts off with the 1998-99 new years eve performance they played in Edinburgh Castle (the video is also available). The two song ar played in a shorter version. They performed "Rio" before the midnight, so that song was their last performance in 1998; and "Electric Barbarella" was the first song that Duran Duran played in the new year. According to the Duran Duran Rare Cd Guide website, "tracks 3, 4,8,9 and 12 are all acoustic radio performances (Simon and Warren). A closer look at the tracklist reveals that they performed 'Save A Prayer' twice and 'Ordinary World' three times in a 6 day period. These versions are very much alike although on the 8th of november (track 4) Simon sings the 'Any world is my world' lines of 'Ordinary World' with a high pitched voice (like on the original recording). On the second and third version on this cd (2nd of november and 4th of november) he sings those same lines one octave lower (like on the White Lines maxi CD version). He must have felt more confident the third time. Track 10 (Save a Prayer) is an exerpt from a television interview where Simon does the first verse and the chorus of the song acapella, with the studio audience as a backing. 'The Wild Boys' (a capella version) is also an exerpt from a (radio) interview .The presenter plays 'The Wild Boys' and Simon sings along. The last two tracks are the only 'concert' live tracks. These are audience recordings. 'Anyone out there' has been included because it was only performed on the first night of the 'Greatest and Latest' tour. Virginia Plain was used as an intro to Rio".

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