1995, March 10th, Hard Rock Café Opening, Las Vegas NV, USA

1.Intro - 2.Hungry Like The Wolf - 3.White Lines - 4.Perfect Day - 5.Success - 6.Rebel Rebel
BONUS TRACKS: 7.Thank You (With Onors version) - 8.Needle And The Damage Done - 9.Diamond Dogs (alternate mix) - 10.Ball And Chain - 11.Perfect Day (acoustic version) - 12.Ordinary World (as heard on the Radio One Simon Mayo Show 95)

Audio Quality: EXCELLENT SOUNDBOARD (sb10) and many studio BONUS TRACKS
Notes: The show here presented was aired from a Russian radio (sometimes a Russian voice translates the dialogues among the tracks). It's the same live recording featured on "Boyz On The Side".This concert is really interesting, because here you have the chance to listen to "Perfect Day" live. This is the only recording of a live version of that song, which is also in the "Thank You Tour March 95" bootleg. You can also listen to a totally different version of "Hungry Like The Wolf", that the guys played in a new, punk way. They had only done something like that 13 years before, with "Anyone Out There"! The Bonus Tracks are a selection of 1995 b-sides and rare versions; "Thank You" is different from the album version; it's taken off the "Whit Onors" OST cd, and actually it's the same version featured on one of the "White Lines" cd singles as "Thank You demo". "Diamond Dogs" (alternate mix) comes from the "People Like You" cd. "Ordinary World" is an acoustic live performance taken off the "Lay Lady Lay" italian cd single. It were the same show were Simon and Warren did played both "Crystal Ship" and "Perfect Day" presented on the "Whit Love And Thanks" bootleg as acoustic demos.

1995, various dates, around the WORLD

1995, March 10th, Hard Rock Café Opening, Las Vegas NV, USA: 1.Hungry Like The Wolf - 2.White Lines - 3.Perfect Day
1995, April 13th, House Of Blues, Los Angeles CA, USA: 4.Come Undone - 5.Success - 6.Crystal Ship - 7.911 Is A Joke - 8.Thank You - 9.Ordinary World
1995, March 17th, Sony Music Studios, New York NY, USA - "MTV Most Wanted": 10.Rebel Rebel - 11.Success - 12.Hungry Like The Wolf - 13.Plastic Girl (fades out) - 14.Plastic Girl (remix)
1995, April 30th, "Le Monde Est A Nous", French TV: 15.Perfect Day

Audio Quality: FROM GOOD TO VERY GOOD SOUNDBOARD (read notes)
Notes: A good collection of some promotional performances for the Thank You album.
The first session includes 3 songs played at the Hard Rock Hotel Opening in Las Vegas; the the setlist is not complete, and "Perfect Day" fades out (very next to the end, so this is not a problem). The LAS VEGAS HARD ROCK CAFE' OPENING bootleg (listed above) has the full performance, in better quality. For the completists I have to say that the source is different: this portion of the show was recorded from a radio broadcast, with a male speaker talking in spanish (or portoguese... can anyone help me?) in beetween songs.
The second part of this cd features the full show played in Los Angeles, April 13rd. It's the SAME recording that you find here listed as HOUSE OF BLUES 95 (go there to find the notes).
The third portion of the cd contains the MTV MOST WANTED performance (also available on video). The track #13, "Plastic Girl" was played - for the first and last time - at the end of the show, during the ending titles, so the song was aired partially. This is the reason why the track fades out. Someone made some editing with it, and created a version that could give the illusion of a complete song: that version is here (track #14).
The cd ends with a beautiful version of Perfect Day, played on a French TV show. Actually, I think that just the vocal parts are live. Anyway, this is my favourite version of this song... I think that it's better than the album one!


1995, March 19th, Free Records Shop, Brussels, Belgium: 1.Soundcheck/Intro - 2.Thank You - 3.911 Is A Joke - 4.Crystal Ship
1995, April 13th, House Of Blues, Los Angeles CA, USA: 5.Come Undone - 6.Success - 7.Crystal Ship - 8.911 Is A Joke - 9.Thank You - 10.Ordinary World

Audio Quality: EXCELLENT SOUNDBOARD (sb10)
Notes: This is a great bootleg of the 95 era. The first part is recorded in Brussels. The second part is very nice. It is the soundboard recording of an early morning mini acoustic concert performed by Warren and Simon at House of Blues in Los Angeles. They started with "Come Undone", and Simon forgot the lyrics, so Warren helped him singing. The atmosphere is particularly soft, and the guys made a very good show. The "Thank You" song performance is beautiful. Yes, I'm sure: you'll love this CD.

1995, April 13th, House Of Blues, Los Angeles CA, USA

1.Come Undone - 2.Success - 3.Crystal Ship - 4.911 Is A Joke - 5.Thank You - 6.Ordinary World

Audio Quality: GOOD SOUNDBOARD (sb8)
Notes: This is another recording of the early morning performance that Simon and Warren did at the Los Angeles House Of Blues. This cd contains the recording of the KROQ radio broadcast of the show, so the only difference here is the voice of the radio speaker!! If you are not a completist, I think you should prefere the "Acoustic Live 95" cd, that features more songs (it includes also the Bruxelles performance) and is recorded in better audio quality.

1995, various dates, around the WORLD

1995, May 27th, World Music Theatre, Tinley Park, Chicago IL, USA: 1.Hungry Like The Wolf - 2.Success - 3. Come Undone - 4.White Lines - 5. The Message
1995, May 26th, Musique Plus, Montreal, Canada: 6.Hungry Like The Wolf - 7.P.L.You - 8.White Lines - 9.911 Is A Joke
1995, June 24th, Irvine Meadows, Los Angeles CA, USA: 10.Girls On Film/The Model

Notes: This cd contains two different performances, and a bonus track (Girls On Film/The Model) added from the Irvine Meadows show (also available on video).
The first show was recorded in Chicago; there are floating around many bootlegs listing this first portion as played in Montreal, but this is fake. On May 27th, Duran Duran were in Illinois! Just the May 26th show was actually performed in Canada. The Chicago tracks are recorded in excellent audience quality.
The Montreal portion of this cd is very good soundboard quality. I really like it: first, the show was energetic and powerful, and "White Lines" and "Hungry Like The Wolf" are superb! Second, you have here an alternative soundboard recording of a rare DD track, "P.L.You" (most commonly known is the PEOPLE LIKE YOU - Mountainview CA bootleg version).

1995, May 29th, Marcus Amphitheatre, Milwaukee WI, USA

1.Hungry Like The Wolf - 2.Rebel Rebel - 3.P.L.You - 4.Come Undone - 5.Girls On Film - 6.Success - 7.The Message - 8.911 Is A Joke - 9.White Lines

Audio Quality: AVERAGE AUDIENCE (au6)
Notes: Uhmm... The performance is very powerful here, and the setlist complete, but... but the majority of the Thank You Tour full shows are recorded in a 'not so good' quality (except of the Mountainview bootleg). So, if you are a completist, this cd could be a nice surprise for you. But if you are just looking for some good sounding cd, I can tell you: get the PEOPLE LIKE YOU cd and stop! You can find some great live compilation on the "Thank You Promos" session, but no other good cd here, in this "Thank You - USA gigs" session. Just PEOPLE LIKE YOU.

1995, June 09th, Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountainview CA, USA

1.Hungry Like The Wolf - 2.Rebel Rebel - 3.P.L.You - 4.Come Undone - 5.Girls On Film - 6.Success - 7.The Message - 8.911 Is A Joke - 9.White Lines
BONUS TRACKS: 10.Diamond Dogs (alternate mix) - 11.White Lines (instrumental rough mix) - 12.White Lines (lead vox acapella) - 13.White Lines (backing vox acapella) - 14.White Lines (alternate ending)

Audio Quality: EXCELLENT SOUNDBOARD (sb10)
Notes: This CD was released in 1995 from Big Beat Records, Luxembourg. It contains a full show of the Thank You US Tour, and should be a must for every live collector. The show started with the terrible punk version of "Hungry Like The Wolf"; then the band played the cover of the Bowie's hit "Rebel Rebel" (really nice) and a new song called, "P.L.You", they had written in Canada and which is available in soundboard quality just here! "Girls On Film" was in a totally different version: remade, remodelled and mixed with the Kraftwerk's classic "The Model". Melle Mel join the band for the last three songs of the show and "White Lines" is great. The bonus "White Lines" remixes are the parts of the album version, and here you have the entire lead vocal part, together with the music, and the backing vocals... you must listen to these remixes to find details that otherwise you can't hear by listening the complete version; or you can make your own remix!

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