EARLY DAYS '80/'81
From 1980 to 1981, small venues in Birmingham & London, UK

EMI Demos '80 (sb6): 1.My Own Way - 2.Khanada (original live performances for EMI early 1980)
Rum Runner, Birmingham 1980, U.K. (sb7): 3.Planet Earth - 4.Girls On Film - 5.Anyone Out There? - 6.Late Bar
Sun down, London, U.K. March 04th 1981 (sb7): 7.Friends Of Mine
Sun down, London, U.K. March 06th 1981 (sb7/8): 8.Planet Earth - 9.Girls on film - 10.Tel aviv - 11.My own way - 12.Late bar - 13.To the shore - 14.Faster than light

Notes: The Duran Duran history starts here! A Great compilation including the oldest live recordings available today! And the sound it's not too bad at all! You will find here the EMI Demos; some tracks recorded live at the Rum Runner (that was the club of Paul and Michael Berrow, where the guys started their adventure in Birmingham); and some songs recorded in March, when just the Planet Earth single was released and the guys moved to London from Birmingham. I highly recommend this cd for its historical value!

1981, July 09th, Hammersmith Odeon, London, UK

1.My Own Way - 2.Girls On Film - 3.Late Bar - 4.To The Shore - 5.Faster Than Light - 6.Khanada - 7.Night Boat - 8.Planet Earth - 9.Anyone Out There? - 10.Like an Angel - 11.Friends Of Mine - 12.Sound Of Thunder - 13.Careless Memories - 14.Just A Groove On - 15.Planet Earth (night version)

Audio Quality: VERY GOOD SOUNDBOARD (sb9)
Notes: On June 29th 1981, Duran Duran started their "Faster Than Light Tour" from Brighton, UK. The "Decadent Durantics" bootleg was recorded in London just 10 days later, so this is the oldest full show that can be found on CD. A double LP set version of this bootleg is also available, even though not in soundboard quality. It includes "Tel Aviv", which was the intro, and "Girls On Film (night version)", which was the encore. In this CD, you can hear an early version of "My Own Way", with different and incomplete lyrics, and "Like An Angel", that is really hard to find in a live version. In my opinion the "Decadent Durantics" bootleg is a worth having stuff for every Duran Duran fan. Believe me...

1981, September 08th, Capitaine Video Club, Paris, France

1.Anyone Out There - 2.Fame - 3.Nigh Boat - 4.Planet Earth (night version) - 5.Sound Of Thunder - 6.Girls On Film (night version)

Audio Quality: GOOD SOUNDBOARD (sb8)
Notes: The "Faster Than Light Tour" had a break, after the Birmingham July 11th show and stopped until September. The guys restarted touring all over the world from Paris and this is the radio broadcast of their first concert after the summer pause. They played 3 shows in Europe (and appeared on a TV show) before leaving the Continent and going to the USA for the first time. The "Paris 81" is a good CD; a French DJ sometimes talks in between songs (he also tells something about Depeche Mode). Unfortunately the tracklist is not complete, but includes an excellent "Fame" and the two Night Versions of their early singles "Planet Earth" and "Girls On Film". Some small gaps here and there.

1981, September 09th, Vradenburg, Utrecht, Netherlands

1.Anyone Out There - 2.Late Bar - 3.Fame - 4.Night Boat - 5.My Own Way - 6.Girls On Film (night version) - 7.Planet Earth (night version)
BONUS TRACKS: 8.Girls On Film - 9.Friends Of Mine - 10.Anyone Out There

Audio Quality: VERY GOOD SOUNDBOARD (sb8/9)
Notes: Duran Duran played in Utrecht the second of three "club shows", but unfortunately this is not actually the recording of this show. This is the same recording of the Amsterdam Club Paradiso cd. Anyway, there are some very interesting bonus here: the last three tracks, taken off an old vinyl bootleg called "Khanada". Track 8, "Girls On Film", come from the London show in July 09th, that all of us already know as "Decadent Durantics". This night version was played at the end of the show and is not included on the cd bootleg, so this is your chance to complete the show! Tracks 9 and 10 are the OLDEST Duran Duran live recordings that are available today; these two songs come from the London, MARCH 04th show that the guys played at the Sundown Club... and the sound is not bad at all, really!

1981, September 12th, Club Paradiso, Amsterdam, Netherlands

1.Anyone Out There - 2.Late Bar - 3.Fame - 4.Night Boat - 5.My Own Way - 6.Girls On Film (night version) - 7.Planet Earth (night version)

Audio Quality: VERY GOOD SOUNDBOARD (sb9)
Notes: This is the last European show of the "Faster Than Light Tour". I really love this recording, which is in very good audio quality. "My Own Way", "Fame" and "Late Bar" are the highlights of this worth having bootleg, while "Night Boat", "Girls On Film" and "Planet Earth" are also in the "Exposed" bootleg (you can find it in the "No Ordinary Tour" page). The performance is very fast and powerful, and Simon's lead vocal is great. If you like the early days of Duran Duran, you'll love this CD.

1981, September 22nd, Bayou Theatre, Washington DC, USA

1.Friends Of Mine - 2.Girls On Film - 3.Anyone Out There? - 4.Late Bar - 5.Fame - 6.Night Boat - 7.Planet Earth - 8.My Own Way - 9.Sound Of Thunder - 10.Careless Memories

Audio Quality: GOOD SOUNDBOARD with some mixer problems (sb8)
Notes: This recording comes from a WHFS Radio broadcast. The mixer levels are not properly set, so you can hear John and Andy's backing vocals and Nick's keyboards to a higher volume than the normal level. This is not annoying, though and is funny listen to John and Andy singing, as well as Nick playing a beautiful transition between "Fame" and "Night Boat". The "original" bootleg also contains a short interview the guys made for WHFS Radio (that aired this show). Unfortunately, my copy doesn't include this part. A little lack for a really great bootleg.

LIVE AT ROXY Los Angeles
1981, October 06th, The Roxy, Los Angeles CA, USA

1.Tel Aviv - 2.Friends Of Mine - 3.Girls On Film - 4.Anyone Out There - 5.Late Bar - 6.Fame - 7.Night Boat - 8.Planet Earth (night version) - 9.My Own Way - 10.Sound Of Thunder - 11.Careless Memories - 12.Girls On Film (night version)

Audio Quality: GOOD SOUNDBOARD (sb8)
Notes: This is a very important bootleg and a must for any collector. It contains a full show of the American "Faster Than Light Tour". The sound is not bad at all. "Tel Aviv" starts already in progress, but you have the chance to listen to 2:45 minutes of that song. It's interesting to see how the guys changed the setlist during the tour: "Friends Of Mine" is the first song, and the b-sides "To The Shore" (the "Careless Memories" UK 7" b-side - not in the US print of the first album), "Khanada", "Faster Than Light" and "Like An Angel" are missing.

1981, November 30th, "Nickelodeon - Off The Record", Chichester Festival, Chichester, UK

1.Friends Of Mine - 2.Anyone Out There - 3.Faster Than Light - 4.My Own Way - 5.Girls On Film - 6.Careless Memories
BONUS TRACKS: (from OLD GREY WHISTLE TEST 81) 7.Night Boat - 8.Anyone Out There

Audio Quality: FAIRLY GOOD SOUNDBOARD (sb7/8)
Notes: During their "Careless Memories Tour", the guys played a show at the Chichester Festival. Part of that performance was aired on TV, in a music show called "Off The Record". This CD contains the six songs aired, and obviously this is not the full show. The sound is good, but my copy is taken from an old tape, so the music sometimes gets slower or faster for one or two seconds. This is not a problem to me, though since the music is enjoyable. Anyway, if you happen to have a good replacement for me, please just drop me a line. As BONUS TRACKS, you will find two songs that the guys played live for another TV show in 81, the "Old Grey Whistle Test". The quality is better than the Chichester part, and doesn't suffer of speed problems. The performance is really excellent. Oh, I love the early days...

1981, December, Hammersmith Odeon, London, UK

1.Anyone Out There? - 2.Planet Earth - 3.To The Shore - 4.Late Bar - 5.Khanada - 6.Night Boat - 7.Last Chance On The Stairway - 8.Faster Than Light - 9.My Own Way - 10.Careless Memories - 11.Girls On Film

Audio Quality: VERY GOOD SOUNDBOARD (sb9)
Notes: In my opinion this is the most famous bootleg of the early days. It was released in the eighties in a picture disc and this vinyl version also includes "Sound Of Thunder". Later on, during the nineties, this recording was reworked with some quick-filters and released in the CD bootleg called "Perfect Days Now And Then" (listed here). Apart from the brief Chichester recording, it is the only "Careless Memories Tour" bootleg. There is a lot of confusion concerning the correct date of this show, because several bootlegs originated from the two "originals", and there are loads of mislabelled copies as well as misprinted artworks etc., floating around. Someone believes that this is an 82 recording, because the guys played "Last Chance On The Stairway". This is not true. They played that song because they had written it many months before the Rio album release. This is certainly an 81 recording. According to a concert list made by an English fan during the eighties, I would say that the show here presented was played on December 16th or 17th.

1981, December, Hammersmith Odeon, London, UK

1.Anyone Out There? - 2.Planet Earth - 3.To The Shore - 4.Late Bar - 5.Khanada - 6.Night Boat - 7.Last Chance On The Stairway - 8.Faster Than Light - 9.My Own Way - 10.Careless Memories - 11.Girls On Film - 12.Fame (Paris 81) - 13.Anyone Out There? (Detroit 82) - 14.Seven & The Ragged Tiger (unreleased demo) - 15.Friends of Mine (Detroit 82)

Notes: This is a Tornado bootleg release. It's the same show of the "Live At Odeon" bootleg (see above), but comprehensive of 4 more tracks. These are "Anyone Out There" (track # 13) which is a PUNK version, in the "Rio Tour" style, then the original "Seven And The Ragged Tiger" demo, not the fake version featured in the "Seven And The Ragged Tiger Demos" CD. "Fame" and "Friends Of Mine" complete the tracklist. If you prefer you may choose the "Live at Odeon" version, which represents the show, or maybe this "Perfect Days" version of the bootleg, with the added tracks... But you do need a recording of this show, of course!

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